The New Book…

Arieanna never thought in her wildest dreams that she, would fall in love with a Lycan; let alone believe that they even existed! It went against everything that she had ever been taught to believe. She had never once given them any credence. The things that go bump in the night were just that, and she wanted it to stay that way too!  But just one touch from him, and everything changed. The way that his hands seemed to drawn something expected from her, to the way that his eyes seemed to smolder every time he looked at her. She had been safe and sound in her own lil chromatic world.  Until he turned her safe little world upside down, and unleashed something in her, that she even herself feared…

Book Excerpt;

   I walked to the terrace then and pushed open the double doors, and he was sitting at the table dressed sexy as hell as usual. He was in a black suit that had no collars, and looked like it could have been a mock tux. He stood up then, and I saw the fire leap to his eyes. I had to stifle the gasp.

I looked around, and thought Gladys had out done herself. The terrace was enclosed with netting, and there were lamp heaters, a fire in the fire place, and the table was set for two. There was champagne being chilled and I thought, good girl. He walked to me then, and kissed the pulse at my throat and I sighed.

     “Damn, ye smell good.” He growled and I giggled. He led me to my seat, and started to pour me a glass of champagne, when I put my hand over the rim of the glass.

     “I’m not sure if I should.” I purred with a wink, than batted my lashes.

     “Afraid of lil champagne?” He asked grinning, and I could see that same twinkle in his eyes.  The servants brought the first course, and it was delicious. I had no idea what it was, but Gladys had put her foot in it.

   Next was the main dish of lobster, and oysters. I started laughing at the little note-card under the plate. It read; “may hap we’ll have tiny lil feet running round here soon,” and I showed it to Auron who laughed as well.

I suddenly heard music playing, and he took my hand and we swayed with the music. I was surprised at how much the British liked R&B. It was Mario’s “Music for Love” playing.

     “Ye do know that I love ye Dove, right.” He asked looking down on me.

     “Bueno, eso espero, porque Te amo demasiado,” I replied looking up at him.

     “In English please.” He grinned looking down at me.

    “I said, ‘well I hope so because I love you too’.”

   He bent his head and kissed me, but it wasn’t like the usual heat filled kisses that I was use to. It was something entirely different, and I felt his love. I dropped my shields as he taught me, and the emotion he sent my way nearly staggered me. I looked up at him then. His eyes were shining, and I knew in that instant that he really did love me for me, and not Annabeth.

He guided me over to the table, then removed a napkin and took out a little black box. He opened it, and I nearly choked when I saw the size of that fricken diamond. He took my hand and put it on my finger. He removed the other napkin, and there was another box. He opened it and took out two gold bands.

     “Frae ma soul, tae yer’s.” He whispered thickly and slipped it onto my finger, and I started to cry. He looked at me then.

     “What is it Pet?” He asked, bending so that he could see my face.

     “Nothing, it’s just so beautiful.” I said between hiccups dabbing at my mascara so it wouldn’t run, as I slipped the other ring on his finger. He held me tight for a moment, then picked me up and carried me into the house and up the stairs.

When we reached the room I gasped.

Gladys was definitely a keeper!

There were roses on the bed, and the room was lit with soft candle light and incense.

Netting was also placed around the bed. I grabbed the remote for the stereo, and Blackstreet’s “Deep” sang into the room.

I smiled to myself then. Adin was such a freak, I thought grinning.

I looked at Auron then, and took him by the hand…

 Ah, ah, ahh lol; now check out the book  eternal


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