"Be My Guest"…

I know how vicious, fiendish, flagitious, foul, heinous, and any other adjective that can be added to the search for publication, literary agents and just plain getting your work out there. There are sooo many guidelines, so many “We want it this way,” or, “No that’s completely not what we want,” and it can be very frustrating.

So in the spirit of the fellow author, and the fact that the site is going so well; I’ve decided to do Guest Blogs, and up in coming Author Interviews, and add them to the site. For all of my fellow authors, published or un-published, I would like you to stop by and as Disney’s Lumière would say “Be My Guest” (wonder if any one else knows that Lemur was Law and Order’s Jerry Orbach? Isn’t that so caaaazy lol. I loved Lenny lol) ). All you need to do, is stop by the site (www.poisonedpin.webs.com), send me a shout out, and tell me where you saw this posted, then contact me with your email address, state whether you are published or un-published, give me a synopsis of your Short Story, Novella, Novel, or Poetry, then we’ll go from there. Also please state if you would like to do a Guest Blog, or an Author Interview; but tech both are completely fun. I’ve done both.

Also check out the trailer for my new book; A Lad’s Trousers, to be released in Aug.

Thanks Guys
Kindest Regards and hope to hear from you guys soon.
Alie out!


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