Days that make ya say hummm….;)


after much contemplating and wrangling with myself, I have solved the conundrum of to indie publish or just wait for another traditional publisher. :roll:

Okay, most you know that A Lad’s Trousers will be released from EternalPress the 1st of Aug. and I’m totally excited about that. But I started doing some research into indie publishing, and was amazed at just how many authors are actually doing this, and the fact that its very reputable!I got loads of info from LinkedIn, and it just seems more feasible, economic, and actually fun to do this myself.:P

So, I thought why not self published books 1 of the Fae series Teacher’s Pet, Book 2 Teach Me the Night, and book 1 Educating Lies of the Contemporary women’s fiction. So I started to diligently look into that, and the royalties thing alone made my hair stand up. I was both shocked and elated.

What does this mean?

It means that those three titles above, I will be publishing myself so start looking for them starting June 15th @ Amazon, Create Space and a host of other sites

~Alie out 8)


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