Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series
   :o WTF??
 Okay, so I was looking up new trailers for the 2012 summer block buster. I happen to be on youtube, and thought I’d watch the new trailer for the Hobbit. It was good lol, and I can’t wait to see it.
I started reading some of the posts, and was quite shocked at one that I read. The writer actually had the nerve to say that he wouldn’t watch the movie, because the actor who plays Gandalf is played by an openly gay actor Ian McKellen.
Well this not only shocked me, but I was like can people really be this nasty?
Someone really had the balls to say that they wouldn’t watch this movie, which will more than likely ( because Peter Jackson is back) be an amazing movie; because Ian McKellen is an openly gay actor?
Omg! WTF? :mad:
Ian McKellen is an amazing actor!
This is one of the problems that I have with the internet. People post some fake ass picture of themselves, avatars, celeb pics, or no picture at all, then they get to post the most racist, hateful, violent dribble known to man; all because there is no liability, and they don’t have to take responsibility for what they say or do because of the anonymity!!
As the late great Bernie Mac would say, “This is some bullshit!”:/
My feelings; to the guy who said that, you need to f’n grow up; because for something like that to come out of your  mouth shows your maturity level; no matter how old you are, and to anyone like you who thinks the same. I swear Homophobes have issues that neither science nor psychology can help.
But then I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked because this is the society that we live in, where we bash others to make ourselves feel like we’re something we’re really not.
I say Rock on Ian, and then blow kisses to them from your amazingly talented British Arse!!! :P

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