Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn & A Lite Farie Tale Series

Coming Soon
  Book 3 A Lite Farie Tale
Precede with Caution…

  Beckan knew when he’d left the 7th he’d be headed for trouble.
Moreover, he longed for what Halleren and Kailen had. If he could just find the one human woman, who could put up with his trickster side, he knew she would be the one for him.

Colin had been Lyra’s student for the last 2 years. She didn’t think he had a serious bone in his body.
The kiss they shared was against policy, not to mention he was only 25!
However, when he aged to 35 in the space of 40 seconds, Lyra knew there was something she was missing.
When he told her he was Fae, and he’d been searching for her for the last 2 years, Lyra thought he had completely lost his mind.
When Dagda told her he was Lokie’s son, Lyra just knew she finally lost her mind!


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