I don’t think I’ll Ever Understand this Author Title…. :(

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press. This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while, but I’m pretty depressed today, so I kinda need to vent if that’s okay with you guys. 

Most of you know I’m a mom, added to the rest of my titles, and for those of you who are moms, you know it is very rewarding, however trying at times too. We want our children to make the right decisions  and when they don’t, they can be done in both good and bad ways.

Example; My 22 year old daughter has this set of friends, that I have told her time and time again, aren’t truly her friends. She claims she knows this, and doesn’t truly see them as friends, however, she still hangs out with them sometimes, do things with them, and they even still call her. We’ve gone back and forward on this issue, because even her best friend, which I do know, has told her this. Nevertheless, she is 22 , doesn’t live at home, so my chances of getting her to do what I think is best for her is pretty nil.

Last Night and Today, have been some of the worst days I can say in my career as an author.

My daughter has an ex by the name of Amber. I don’t know her personally, but I have never heard anything good about her either. My oldest son would tell me it was a toxic relationship, however, we can’t pick and choose who our children will fall in love with, nor ourselves, or I too would have made vastly different decisions in life. Because she broke up with my daughter, I believe my daughter still has feelings for her; so my daughter will constantly allow this person to lead her astray, contrary to what others tell her.

Anyway, in my daughter’s naive fashion, she stupidly allowed this person to join this site using her name. She told my daughter that she was just there to sing the praises of my book, meet new people, and interact, only she just didn’t want to use her own name. Because I am an author, my daughter thought it would be good, because this girl did like my books, so she could give reviews on them as well.

Now, to any true adult, this would have sounded a bit suspicious  and I personally would have been like “Are you Fricken kidding me?” My daughter like a dummy, and although a 4.2 (I wonder why collages don’t also teach life experiences, because I just feel like because they think we constantly nag them, or are “On their back” as they say; colleges might have a better chance at getting then to see their naievity).

Anyway, she gave her permission, and boy oh boy the chaos this Amber girl and her little “asshole” friends caused. I’m sorry for calling someone else’s child an asshole, because I wouldn’t want them to call mine that, but at the moment, that is the nicest name I can come up with!

Well, they went on a tangent, called people names, called one person a racist, and all hell broke loose. When they were finally outed, they then stated that it was for a class that one of the girls had, and it was a media relations experiment ( however this part was true). The people on the site, became irate, which was understandable, however, because she used my daughter’s name, and my daughter is linked to me, they believe I had something to do with what these young ladies did. And young ladies is too nice, I would call them what my 16 year old did, “Rachet Trolls!”

My name has been tainted, my reputation as an author has been trashed, my daughter vilified, all on the site by the readers, and why? Because my daughter trusted this person, believed her lies, all because she still has feelings for her.

If this isn’t a case of “Love is Blind”, or “Tainted Love” then I don’t know nothing.

I am very upset, because I feel like even though I had nothing to do with what happened, the people on the site still blame me, and my daughter.

I just felt like I needed to go somewhere where people know me for the person I truly am through my writing, and you guys always message me such encouraging messages.

I’m still learning in this craft, and as they say, “One Day at a Time”
What I’ve learned so far.

Never respond to a review, because as the author you are never right, and it can only go badly for you.
never post a negative comment about a reviewer on your blog (remember that guys :() because it will come back to bite you in the ass, even if the reviewer was mean and hostile to you. Ignore the review.
And that authors have no power really, they pretty much just have to sit back, shut up, and take notes, or you will be penalized for it.

Thanks a bunch guys


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