Here we go again…..

Author Alexandria Infante
 This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Update: After having gotten off work, (praying that the administration didn’t catch wind of this entire drama, three glasses of wine, and a relaxing foot massage from my lovie; I’m ready to vent. I couldn’t very well do that at work today.

So guys,

I tried the explanation route tonta Maribel, (Ima kill you lol estás tan loco, que salió por la culata!)  and it didn’t work. As you guys will see below, they still trashed me. Bonita, you were right, and I should have just left it alone, and did what my mom used to say when I was young,” si no tienes nada bueno que decir, cállate de una puta vez!; translation, if you have nothing nice to say….and we all know the rest to this.

Nonetheless, I also felt like Tracy was right in her email as well. Sometimes authors should speak up to fans, even if it looses some of them, and if it does, they weren’t meant to be your fan in the first place.

Albeit, I will say it is ironic how; maybe these immature girls actually had a point, and some truth in what they said. Did they go about it wrong, ooh totally, nevertheless, it didn’t make their points any less valid; which was the vast majority of the people on Good Reads are rude, clickish, hateful, and attack anyone (attacks authors especially) who don’t agree with them, something they took Amber’s vicious lil culprits to task for doing to the reviewer of my book.

They too in lined themselves with the word hypocrite,  because not one of them gave me the benefit of the doubt, they just all attacked like sharks to blood. They even commented on my parenting skills, how I was so dumb not to know it was my daughter SOBE, (when my daughter’s nickname is sowie) . I do have to say, that the Reviewer Heather from Fl, was very gracious to me, and never said one crappy thing to me or about me though, and it was her review ( at least she hadn’t, by the time I deleted my acct).

I friended the girls, just as I do on facebook, tumblr, watpat, tribe, myspace ect, and every other social media site I’m on to promote my books, because I find that crowd likes them. I don’t check out anybody’s profile, especially kids and 20 somethings, come on, you guys know how old I am.

I have over 400 friends on FB, and most of them are that age, because they like the books. However, I have never messaged, posted, or spoken to any of them, so why would I on Good Reads.

Looking back through the post; what Layla, said is pretty much true. It is a one sided affair for authors on Good Reads. Anything you say, will be held against you, even when you are right.

 I tried to defend myself, my daughter, and my character; not only was I punished, but I was called an idiot, someone said I threw my daughter under a bus, and that we were pretty much all in choots.

This I find funny.

Equally, they then talked about my children, however they won’t be as gracious as I am.

I deleted the account, and I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.

Will I miss people like Fashionesta (aka Traci) Alicia, and the people who were good to me, who btw didn’t always give me a glowing review; yes I will, because they were awesome! And I’ll miss them, but over-all, I’m okay with not being on Good Reads.

So guys, to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I copied some of the post before I deleted the account. Oh yea, some even stated that I leave and take my pack of lies with me. I figured why stay? Because of this fiasco, my inbox will just be filled with shite everyday anyway from holier than thou pretentious reviewers, who want to give me a “piece of their mind”.

However, I don’t know how to take my books off, so if any of you do, message me so I can contact Good Reads about this.

Here they are guys; you tell me what you think?

Zahara CeriseI know Alexandria’s story is fishy, but her daughter isn’t the first to have let a friend use an account, etc. And from her first post, Alexandria really hasn’t behaved badly. She’s been apologetic, and last night when she was apologizing for what the three trolls did, it didn’t really sound like she thought one of them was her daughter.

Alexandria ~ Really, your best bet is to cut all ties with those girls who trashed this review, have a serious talk with your daughter about trusting people and don’t respond to anymore reviews. You just aren’t going to be able to win. I’m choosing to believe you.

Please, do some serious thinking about how to behave as an author. It’s really hard for self-pubbed authors here and due to this situation, you’d got some strikes against you. Staying silent is almost always going to work better for you than getting into a situation like this that you can’t extricate yourself from with damaging your reputation. 

Barbara ~*Lindt Ninja*~Alexandria wrote: “I didn’t say that any of you were trashing me, I said you could if you like. And that is your opinion. it does add up if you have children, especially teens and 20 somethings, they do the stupidest shit. And I said I noticed Sobe’s name. I wonder if any of you are actually parents of teens and collage students. because if you were, this entire scenario wouldn’t seem as far fetched as you think.”

*raises hand* I am. Let’s say my child had a nickname/name as unusual as yours. If I came across them “in the wild” of the internet and they interacted with me, I’d be shocked. I’d also probably make a personal comment and if they didn’t respond in an equally personal way that indicated they were my child, I’d immediately call them to let them know I believed someone was using their profile.

If I were an author and someone with my child’s name popped up on a site promoting my book, I’d be on the phone immediately. It’s my livelihood, after all. There are rules here about spamming and while I love my child dearly, I don’t need them to go gung ho for me and get me in trouble. What do you say, dear child? It’s your friend who’s using your name, not you?! Well, this must be stopped before they start trolling people’s reviews, ruining your good name and my reputation!

Think of how horrible it could turn out! This person could attack a reviewer out of the blue, accuse people of racism then claim it was all something for a senior thesis, haha, joke’s on them. Wouldn’t that be awful?

After giving it a great deal of thought, Ms. Infante, this “identity theft,” combined with the multi-year spamming of your books at blogs by Leelia Mendoza (still wondering what the connection is there), the familial relationships with Lel and Sobe, yes, it does seem incredibly far-fetched. 

by YAL Book Briefs (last edited 3 hours, 58 min ago) – added it
 YAL Book BriefsBarbara ~*Lindt Ninja*~ wrote: “Amy or “Ames” wrote: “Author wrote a blog post:…

Melodramatic much? I didn’t see Heather wri…”

What Barbara said and I’d like to add making excuses. If they were impersonating your daughter. Fine. I honestly don’t know how much validity there is to that statement, but you could’ve left it at that instead of going into personal details about how you speculate this girl uses your daughter. For me, I’m wondering, what sort of thing would this Amber girl have to gain from any of this. Honestly, the best thing would’ve been to never have gone to this thread in the first place (I’m really wondering how you found out about this review). Am I skeptical, yes. But I think I have a right to be skeptical since we’ve been getting several versions of what transpired in the past day or so.

Edit: Thanks ETA for pointing out the error. God, my lack of sleep is really catching up to me.

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CoaxialHoney Bee (sometimes I sting) wrote: “Maybe I just really gullible, but I believe her.

But then again I always want to believe the good in people.

And Because I can’t see a grown women who has worked so hard to write a book to act…”

Don’t buy it for one reason – authors have done similar things for much, much longer, and have gone to greater lengths over reviews that weren’t left over their books.

This still smells like bullshit to me, and the daughters and the mother all come across as immature, and unable to take any criticism.

They dug themselves this deep, so I find it hard to find any sympathy at all for them. 

 by Brian (new)
BrianAlexandria, you and I conversed about this in PMs.

Sadly, afte your last PM it appears I can no longer reply to you through that medium, so I am going to have to raise it here.

In your second-to-last missive you said the following:

My daughters, (oldest ones) which I do have, are on the covers of my books 1&2, their names are Blazhia and Arie, and Sora. I have two sons Matt & Micah.

Funny that you now call Soleil “Arie”…

Especially as Matt Parker (yes, the Matt you just named as your son) gives her name as Soleil on his facebook page…

(Screenshot of Matt Parker’s Facebook page showing Alexandria Infante as ‘Mother’ and Soleil Burgess as ‘Sister’)

Why the change of name Alexandria? Why refer to her as ‘ARIE’ and not Soleil?

And to think that yesterday I had given you the benefit of the boubt and even helped you to try to mitigate any damage to your reputation caused by your daughter (“she let a friend make a GR account with her name and details, after that same friend hacked her Facebook account”… *scoff* BULLSHIT. And if she is that naive, then I fear any college education is going to be wasted on her..)

So Alexandria… Why not come out and admit it all? Instead of throwing your own daughter Soleil under the bus…

Lovely parenting skills those… 

OldRockerI’m waiting for the “learning disability” excuse since we’ve already had the “hacked,” and “non-native English speaker” excuses. Oh, and the “was bullied as a child excuse” hasn’t been brought up yet. 

by Amara (new) – added it
AmaraAlexandria wrote: “teens and 20 somethings, they do the stupidest shit.”

Remember what I said about no longer replying because you’ll inevitably offend someone?

I’m offended. Congratulations! 

MahalaI really hope that Ms InFante doesn’t expect to find many customers for her snake oil. There hasn’t been a word of truth out of any of these women and they are either so arrogant or so dumb that they believe that they can contradict themselves and none of us will notice.

I don’t think many of us are disposed to be charitable to any of these women and perhaps now would be a good time for all of them to find some other place to try out the lies. 

by Ade (new)
AdeAmara wrote: “Alexandria wrote: “teens and 20 somethings, they do the stupidest shit.”

Remember what I said about no longer replying because you’ll inevitably offend someone?

I’m offended. Congratulations!”

As am I. The whole not offending anyone thing doesn’t seem to be working out. 


And these were the milder ones. They just went on and on. But I’m the one who did something wrong, when the only thing I did, was tried to tell the truth when I found out what it was, apologized, which many of my author friends said I shouldn’t have, because my daughter is a grown ass woman; and will do what she wants.
And still you see, they just keep at it.
I also feel like, this is my site, not Good Reads, so here I can say what I want.
I can truly see why (although I am in no way in her league) Laurell K went off on them about her books.
They expect us to say nothing, when they can be as  (word so thrown around on that site) snarky, rude, ill mannered  and hateful; but if we do it, then we are the ones with the problem, are the trolls, and are assholes, because we are in the public eye.

Thanks Guys, you have been so supportive, both Authors and Readers alike.
And I didn’t have my daughter message Cynthia to have her take the books off her site, I left them up.  the staff there, Mandy, Katriva, Selena, and Sarah are awesome, had nothing to do with Cynthia/ Leelia and what they did. Radical reviews has always been good to me, and they like my books.

One of my author friends sent me a comment, because she’d been through something similar, “Fuck the whole lot of them twice, and the horse they rode in on,”

Although it did make me smile, I would never say that because I am, an author now.
My son says, this is my problem; I’m too worried what people think, hence the reason I tried apologizing for what they did. In life, we live and we learn. And on Poisonedpin, this is my domain, and I have the right to rant, if my fans allow it.

But you did make me smile Deb 🙂

Thanks again guys, love you.
Pin out…

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