New Day? Not sure yet

Author Alexandria Infante.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Hey guys,

So, Tracy sent me a message this morning, to inform me that the crap is still being shoveled on the illustrious Good Reads. I wonder how many author’s careers sites like this have ruined because the author choose to speak out?
Thank you Jesus, I have a day job!!
Writing is a passion, however I have two that equal.

Latest News:

They went to my daughter’s school page, gave out information on her, so she’ll be off to administration on Monday to see what can be done about the Mr. Brian posting her information on a public site. Then she’s taking it to Queers for Social Justice, and University court, to see what can be done about their inflammatory accusations of her; because from some post Amber left, my daughter has proof that she didn’t post the comments, Amber did. She said she’d bring it by the house today, and I can’t wait to see it. I’m so happy for her. This has even gotten to her school, and the school has a strict no tolerance policy for things like this, because it reflects badly on them. And I’m sure not one of those people on the site cared or realized what they were doing to my daughter’s reputation, they just all jumped in feet first. I’m just glad she found the proof she needed to take to administration. She could actually get kicked out of school for this crap.

Friends from school have been messaging her non-stop, because I guess a friend from the pride center has an account on Good Reads, and they stated that they would go troll hunting on the Good Reads site in CP fashion, and I’ll admit I laughed, but my daughter said no, because she believes this is what started all the shit in the first place. My 16 year old son Micah even offered to give the entire episode to his crew on Fb, which is upwards of 2000 teens, and they’d do what he called “Ratchet Roll Call,” and I told him he better not lol. I wouldn’t sick 2000 irate teens on any site, it’d probably shut it down, because with teens, there would be that “bandwagon” affect. My oldest offered to have his team tag in too, which was truly funny as well, because he said it would be “Gays Gone Wild!” This I did laugh hysterically about, I’ll admit. I think he has like 4000 friends?

I told her administration probably can’t about the page, because it is a public school page, however she’s a bit worried. I find this all just crazy, that they have this much time to spend on this. I have down time between classes, so I popped on the blog, I can barely do that? Do any of them work?

And FYI, Mr. Brian, HER NAME, is Arie!!
 It’s one of her middle names, all my children have four names like me; that’s kinda what we Puerto Rican/Cuban Latin people do. My first name isn’t alexandria, and Infante is my maiden name. And you are so right Melvin, could you imagine what they would have tried if they knew my First and marriage name?

And yes Nancy, I agree with you. There was no way I could defend myself, or her once they got on a roll, so Melanie is right. I should have just left it. I do see that now. However, my kid didn’t do crap, and I wasn’t about to let her go down like that. It was a bad judgement call on her Nancy, you are so right, friends do sometimes sway you. Thankfully, she isn’t friends with them anymore, and she’s going to spend her senior year ( next quarter) at home.

Tracy actually went onto Goodreads, and in their normal attacks  they continue reproducing this hot mess. She sent me some of the new comments, where they’re still trashing my daughter and me, so I’ll pass that on. Thanks Tracy for trying to defend me, you’re the best. Tell Revena I said I love her, she is a true fan.

As well, Tracy also told me that they have now linked her with me, saying that her comments are actually from me making a new account or something, just to be able to go on there. I swear i have better things to do, like a stack of finals!!! They said she was me, because the writing seemed similar  These people are “FUNNY”, but maybe hummm, I shouldn’t say funny, because the trolls used it, and that will make me one of them. Does that smart at all guys. That is funny!
Because she said she told them, “Y’all too funny” which she says she uses all the time when she thinks people are stupid, they said it was me.

To the 20 something, who obviously got her feelings hurt, now you see what it feels like, because you had no clue what was going on, you just jumped in feet first. And Leelia, Cynthia or what have you did make her point; it was a bandwagon, something they didn’t even stop to think might have been true. My daughter has her proof, will be vindicated with school and friends, so that’s all she cares about as of this moment.

Tracy said one person even asked if it was worth it?

Me standing up? To defend my daughter for something she didn’t do?
Hell yes it was!!! I am a Madea when it comes to my children. They can talk trash about me, until the cows come home, I really don’t care; however, I will defend my babies with a vengeance. I’d give this shit up easily, if it affected my children; which is why I waited so far in life to pursue it even in the first place.

Thanks so much guys
You’re great
Pin out


2 thoughts on “New Day? Not sure yet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I'm not sure quite how to say this but I'll just fling it out there. You do know that the original Madea, from Greek mythology, killed her children to piss off, and take revenge on, her husband, right?Not sure I would want you to be Madea if I was one of your kids.

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