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Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Afternoon guys!

So after much contemplation, I decided that This will be the Last day that we’ll spend on the Good Reads drama. I thank you guys so much for your support, and Michael I truly thank you for your story. That made my morning. Its wonderful to know that I am not the only one.

So to answer some of the email questions; we’ll start with Lacy’s.

Proof: I know it sounds very far fetched, and of course I’m not angry because you asked about my daughter’s proof. I can understand how this is hard to believe. My daughter has two jobs, one on campus, and one off campus. The night of the fiasco, she happened to be at her off campus job. Where she works, they have a security station, so video, cameras; and employees have to sign in and sign out.
Also, there is only one entrance and exit so it’s time stamped. Because of what they do, they aren’t allowed to have internet access, bring their lap tops ect, so she would have had no chance of connecting to the internet to do what they claim she did. Her supervisors gave her the time stamp entrance and a bunch of other stuff that proves she was at work on the night of this hot mess, so she’s taking that to administration.

Mildred: Actually I had it all wrong. I go off what they tell me, sometimes make wrong assumptions, like any parent. My daughter actually broke up with her. From what she said, because enough of her business has been put out there, this was a get back at my daughter plot. My daughter is dating someone new, this girl saw them at a party together, and this girl couldn’t take that. I guess one of the trolls attacked another woman on good reads a while back for my Lad’s Trouser’s, they got into it, and this was perfect for them. As far fetched as it may seem, they hatched their revenge plan. Many of us as older adults are so naive today (especially me, and I have been called stupid by them because of it).
I know what I was allowed to do when I was their age, ( strict Catholic upbringing, and I actually got married at 21, so I wasn’t out in the world like they are today) so I sometimes just can’t fathom this generation.

Perfect example: My 16 1/2 year old was telling me the other day, that he knew some kids who were swingers. Well, believing that he meant some new term for social media today, I laughed. He gave me an appalled look, and said “mom I know you kinda write on the risque side, but you seriously think that’s okay?” I was shocked. He then said, “mom, I mean swingers, like swingers!” I couldn’t believe it, because they are all his age!

Anyway, back to my daughter.
When you date someone, who doesn’t know their significant other’s information. They did it to cause drama, and to get back at my daughter. What the good folks of GR don’t seem to understand, is my daughter is in a lot of trouble because of this. I guess one of the mighty GR people contacted administration to inform them of what they claimed my daughter did.
Thank God for her, she has all the necessary items that will clear her name with the school. She’s a senior, and this is just wrong. I understand they would want to vilify me, but she had nothing to do with this. This was the actions of two girls who contrived a plan to get back at my daughter. Equally, she told me the girl who logged on as Leelia, said she meant every word of what she said. She felt like the people on that site are a bunch of hypocrites, she truly liked my stuff, so she thought to take up for me. She just didn’t know that she would be attacked for an honest opinion, which was what they were complaining she had not allowed the woman Heather to do.

I truly don’t think The Gr people understand how the minds of many young people work today. If they were all like this 20 year old who signed in; we wouldn’t have shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Youtube ect.
I thought they were fans, because each of them had been on the site for a while. My daughter said they were, they didn’t just get an account that night. They did actually read my stuff, and told her they liked it because I include all genders, all sexual orientations, so they wanted to give good reviews. Yesterday, the Amber girl said she never meant to cause all this drama, she figured it was just a dumb site people do it all the time, and she had no clue it would be like this. My daughter asked her why the “F” she would use her name, and she said she didn’t think that people would know, because supposedly, on the site only librarians have access to that information. She apologized profusely,  however I think it’s only because she may be expelled for using someone else’s identity, and University court told my daughter she has the right to actually press charges against the girl.
Her parents even called me this morning!
They want me to talk to my daughter, because certainly there is some way to work this out, (fricken los blancos, I swear! The family is very affluent).

Hell, I even hoped they were my fans, because you can never have to many. They represented a demographic (Twilight fans), that seems to like them, so I thought “coo” free publicity. Unfortunately, the party scene happened, they were drunk, and she wanted payback. They already knew that if they challenged someone’s opinion, especially in an author’s defense this shit would happen. I said one word to someone once, and they got so offended, that they sent me a message. Everybody on that sites knows that. Hence, this vicious occurrence.  I’ll admit that it was a bit vain of me to believe in the reviews, however the ego side loved the reviews they wrote, always good, always glowing.  Now anyone whoever looks up one of my books again, will be like, “This is Fake”, because this is what they’ve done.

Sandy: I am. For the last 7 years now. What people seem to forget, is that Literature does not mean English Teacher. I make mistakes like anyone else when it comes to grammar and sentence structure as well. However, for my site who wants to be regaled with proper language. I daresay it would get quite boring and tedious. I’ll send you a private message of the staff and faculty that I can’t place on here. They’d probably try to make me loose my job because of it. And no, I’m trying to get passed this.

Judy: You know, I’m not that concerned with it as far as the author thing. The people who were hurt in this shit, affects me more. That is what I truly feel sorry for. I pretty much just started in the business, so for the last 42 years (I’m 44) I wasn’t an author. My life was happy, my career great, and my family awesome. I feel like the stress came in when I began this second career. Tracy tells me that now, they not only crucified me as an author (basically saying my books suck), but now the very fact that I am a teacher is being called into question. One person even said, “my students should ask for their money back”.  Yet they believe what Amber and her friend did was evil. I would just say that they turn that microscope on themselves. I never once attacked anyone, called them names, nor did I trash them as a parent, woman, person, or a human being. I found that quite ironic.

Sandy: Actually yes, and thank you very much. You went to the school site?
However, I am not an English teacher. I have a hard time with dangling participles, misplaced modifiers, nouns, verbs, syntax  and sentence structure just like the next guy lol. I didn’t get a degree in English, contrary to popular opinion. That would mean that I was an English Teacher, and I really am not lol.  I have a degree in Literature and Art History, which are two completely different fields. I’m as normal as you are. I teach Literature, Art History, Prose, and Creative writing. ex; Shakespeare,  Byron, Keats, Shelley, Bronte, Austen, Milton ect. I tend to stay away from American literature, because it is harder as a minority to dissociate myself with many of the themes in American literature. But thank you for your comment. As to the other question; since it is private to you I’ll send it to you in a message. I can message you the lecture notes from one of my colleague’s Gender Studies class, and have my daughter actually send you some literature and web sites on that if you want? I know it is very hard, both my children found it that way at first. However once you embrace who You Are, it gets easier.

Danay: You know, not really. And thank you for your message. I’m glad you think I’m different, and I’m glad you enjoyed them. Hahaha too, and yes I could have gotten what they might call “ghetto”, the Boricua/Cubanita coming out, like someone said his “country was coming out” but it wouldn’t have served any purpose to curse them or cuss them out. I think the girl who logged on as Leelia, I don’t even remember the child’s name, because after all the drama I would have to go back to an earlier post to see her name. Anyway, she tried to defend her opinion, and they dismantled her in every way they could. I didn’t say anything to them there, and look what happened. They are still at if from what Tracy and Remalda said.

Javier: así mi uta!  hahaha! Nosotros, los puertorriqueños tienen que permanecer juntos. Voy a estar en Nueva York para el verano, así que definitivamente va a comprobar que fuera. Eres una persona maravillosa para decir eso, y se lo agradezco mucho. También, gracias por comprar el libro. Es bueno saber que todavía tengo algunos fans allá afuera.

Junatia: As a Latina author, yes it is sad. We barely have enough of us out there, so this is very tragic. I’m not on the level of any of the authors you mention lol, yet I did think it was as the kids say, “Representin Latina’s everywhere”  lol, so thank you for that. And of course, just send me your email 🙂

All in all I am sorry this had to happen, however if I loose any credit as an author for defending my daughter; then so be it I don’t care. I am sorry that the woman Heather had to go through that, however Tracy tells me that she has now jumped in with both feet as well to vilify me; and all I can say to that is I’m sorry she feels that way.

To wrap up:

I’m truly happy my daughter will be cleared, it’s great to know that people have a wide range of colors.
It’s awesome to know that they think it’s the author’s fault no matter what.
Something I tend not to see, because I like to see the good in people. However, this business is sum Bullll shit!!!
I meant to draw out the bull, because as I was writing it I suddenly heard Bernie Mac in my head lollollollollol. May he rest in peace.

Thanks so much guys.

Tomorrow’s topic Reviews lol.
Hope you guys stay tuned.
Have an awesome day!!! 🙂
Pin out


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