Thanks guys…just let it go

Author Alexandria Infante.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series


My Co-worker just called me to say that she made herself an account on Goodreads.
I told her that was not necessary, because that damage had already been done, so let’s just leave it.
I feel bad for her, because she did try to defend me, and it went horribly bad for her. She is such a sweet lady.

Of course they attacked the poor lady. She’s a 68 year old church going history teacher, who’s idea of a curse word is goldarn. Even her age and her spirituality, didn’t sway those people from an attack.
I throw my hands up, because they would take a granny to task for believing that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. She was pretty upset, that they would come at her like that, but I told her that’s what most people do nowadays. And I just laughed as she told me about the comments by the pretentious people who seem to think their kids, or they themselves do no wrong. The school will know my daughter didn’t do it, Amber’s parents know my daughter didn’t do it, and I know she didn’t do it, so I okay with it.

But just for the record: My daughter didn’t allow this girl to use her name as I  assumed, she didn’t know shit about it, she too has better things to do with her life like graduating, and moving. This girl did it on her own, thinking she was doing me a favor. What she realizes now, is that she “F” me, and I didn’t even enjoy it. (Sorry Verg lol)

That to me is just sad, but I’m moving on.

Guys, I thank you sooooo much, but just leave it alone.

I emailed you guys the proof, and as far as my daughter’s “Phone” is concerned at work, obviously they don’t know what security means. If you can’t have a fricken laptop, why on earth would you be allowed to have a internet accessible phone. I won’t say where she works, but Mario  is glad that they can’t have a phone.

So just leave it guys. My family knows what it did, those girls know what they did, so I think on that level we’re cool.

But I do thank you so very much for your support.

Ps. I also wanted to say that Mel, you should be ashamed for calling her crazy. Mrs. Birdie on the Mother Board might get on your nerves, but you would never treat her like that face to face.


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