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Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

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So I know we said that we were done with the Gr scandal, but I got some very heartfelt messages from some fellow authors on Good Reads. It lifted my spirits to know I’m not alone in this.

For my fellow authors on Good Reads I was sent a list of people or reviewers that like to cause problems for authors. They pretty much sit in wait, because they have nothing better to do. I was told that they have their own group on Good Reads, where they spend most of their time tearing down authors they feel have slighted them, or what they feel is inappropriate behavior from an author. Here’s one of the messages I was sent, but to keep this person in the clear I won’t post who they are. I would hate for what happened to me to happen to them.

Person wrote: Hi Alexandria,

Most of the people who attacked you- Mrs Joseph, Old Rocker, Zahara Cerise, etc.- are part of a notorious gang of bullies that hang out in a private group called ‘Badly Behaving Authors.’ One of their favorite pastimes is attacking authors they deem to be misbehaving.

Not responding to them is probably your best option- as you saw, they are capable of going on for pages and pages, whipping themselves into a frenzy of outrage. With very little provocation, they will start giving you one star reviews and shelving you offensively. If you want some help, I suggest you check out this website:

As you can see, I’m not the only author they have done this to. 
I’ll post the info later today for my fellow authors.
I didn’t even know there was such a thing as good reads until a fellow author on LinkedIn told me. I haven’t been back to the site, but my best friend called me to tell me that my books on the site are falling in ratings, and I thought I’d show you what they’re saying. It is clear the person who sent me the message knew them for what they were, because this is what my best friend sent me this morning in an email. They have already started doing what the message said. 
This is pretty sad, considering that they have nothing better to do. It is equally sad, considering they’re all adults. I could see if it were a bunch of high schoolers, but these are grown ass people. The message said not to say anything to them, but I think that’s the problem. We Authors are so afraid that people won’t like us if we do, so we allow reviewers to treat us like this. 
However, on the realz tho if the things they said about me online were face to face, they would have never been said. 
Although the little shites, who caused all of this were wrong, I do agree with what the one girl Lel wrote.
Because of the fact that people have anonymity on the internet, they spew the most bile filled, hate filled trash they can think up, because they can get away with it. There are no consequences to what one can say and do on the internet; so the dark side of who people truly are comes out, and they get a pass because it is the internet. 
I don’t want to go on the site, I’m done with them; nevertheless my best friend has an account, and said she would check it out. I’ll give you guys an update so all you authors who are still on the site and concerned about this will know who to avoid.

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