Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Hey all,

Update: my daughter was cleared by the school!!! Yippee!

Unfortunately, so was Amber.

Leelia who really didn’t do anything wrong, was actually using the results for a class. My daughter came by today to update me. Because of the way in which Leelia used the information, results, and the way she presented it to the dean of students and the faculty review panel, she was cleared. They did however chasten her on the way in which Lel started the thread.

Lel brought the site to the University court to make her point, and I was surprised that people on the panel were actually on her side, and said she had free speech. As for me the author, they did tell her in plain language that she affected me, and that was the uncool part.

Amber was sanctioned in some school activities for using someone else’s name, but as far as legal standing the school doesn’t have anything to do with that, so as far as their concerned the incident is over. Her parents have called me several times to apologize and I accept them, however it is a little to late.

The girl actually sent me sorry flowers, albeit, I think it was more her parents than her. I did see an influx in book sales, and it might be them trying to make amends for their daughter.

This with the girls is finally over, and I can breath a “whew” now.

Gr Update:

So I checked out the site the messenger sent me, and wow is all I can say. Ms. Jay, Coxail and the lot were all there in their regalia. I never knew people could be so vicious. My best friend told me that (GR) they are still on it, more comments about me. And I just love the comments on my teaching career. Some people, I swear.

I also like how my best friend said not one person has commented on the fact that one of them called my daughter’s administration at school, called her all kinds of names and such, something they accused those three girls of doing to heather. I guess if you agree with the reviews, then you’re fine on good reads, because technically, after all it was the girls review; whether they liked it or not.

Encase you guys haven’t seen them I’ll post what Lel and Leelia wrote. Amber however, did post what they called a snarky review, but I’ll post it as well, and you can be the judge of it.

 Lel wrote:
Sobe, gurl, you are always just on one!!! Hahaha.
However, both reviewers have the right to their opinion. That seems to be a point you miss a lot hahah!!
Lol, but I do feel you on some of the comments on GR. There is a lot of bashing of self-published authors, which I too don’t think is fair, which is why I started that thread. But the fact still remains, people can say what they want, you don’t have to agree with them, but they still have that right.
I’m not sure if I would have received a free book, that I would have been so long winded about it, but I may have pointed out the tech issues to the author, instead of on the books page, (because I got it for free, and would have wanted to be courteous to them for sending it to me for free) because then they can correct them.
I read this book as well, thought the story was great, found the same issues, then sent my comments to Alexandria. She’s very gracious, not one of those authors who’ll curse you out, but really wants people to tell her the truth, because she wants people to enjoy her books, which is why the book was taken down, and why she puts her email and contact information in the back of the books.
Should she get a pass for issues with the book, of course not, but how do we learn this craft, unless our peers tell us. Does it have to be done in a snarky, rude, ill-mannered way, no. Just because you have the right, doesn’t always mean that you should too.
@ Heather, I wouldn’t put off any of her other books, they are really good, especially the PN and the Historicals. She told me Mendacity,(I don’t know her, just a fan) was her first try at a contemporary, and the issue of the book was personal to her. She’s gone back to the drawing board on it, and appreciates helpful comments.
As well, I’m not sure if Urban is the word that you should use in the context of your comment,( it implied ghetto, ethnic, connotations that the book isn’t, and people may be offended by that). You then state that you have no clue who the musical taste are, which is mostly R&B, so there’s that connotation as well.
Sweetie, please don’t take this offensively, because it is definitely not meant to be, but you live, in Fl, and I’m sure not Miami.
The book takes place in New York, although Urban, is a huge melting pot, of every nationally and ethnic group you can think of. Equally, ethnic does not mean race.
Leelia wrote:
Lol @ Sobe. Yes, people do, you are so hostile at times gurl!
Chalax. Lol.
However, I do agree about snarkness. GR does this a lot, and I too frown upon it. The spoiler comment to me was rude. If the book went the way we wanted, then there would be no need for Ms. Infante, because then it would be our book.
I run a review site, as most on GR know, and I too have to comment on the book in a professional manner. I do not use snarkyness, nor do I allow my staff to use it. A review on our site reaches massive people, so I want them done in a professional way, even if the book does “suck” so to speak.
I too agree with your thread on manners Lel, American is just as lacking, if sometimes more than other nations.
I also agree about the “Urban Comment” and the R&B, because to me it did imply African_American, ethnic, like it was something bad that the book carried,and it offended me, and I’m Cuban.
I also agree with you that people have the right to their opinions, and they don’t have to like this book. However, I do have an issue with some of the comments. And I really have a problem, when people complain about something they got for free.
Sobe wrote:
I am chilax as you say.
And I don’t know the author either, she isn’t my friend, cuz one Ii think she’s like over 35, ammh not. I’m 21, right. I do however like her books.
but you can’t base an entire written career off one book you read. This woman has like what, 19 books or something? I’ve read four besides this one, in three different genres, so how can somebody say “I’m holding off on this author”, especially when you got that S**t for free, and you read one book. I mean come on!
I just think the comments that were made on a FREE BOOK, could have been sent to the author, instead of putting them on point here. This author goes hard, and I feel like it was something racial as well, because the main character is mixed with black.
I feel like the 1st reviewer is racist, because she made a comment on the R&B MUSIC, then went so far as to say, that she felt the book was geared towards another demographic, and not her, (obviously she’s white). Wtf does that even mean?
I’ve never reviewed a book like Twilight, with white vampires and said, “Oooh, I don’t think this book was meant for us minorities.” What the hell, they’re vampires, they aren’t in anybody’s demographics!
I find that offensive, more than the typos in this book! The main male character is white, the friends are Asian, Greek, white and black, so I don’t see where it is sooo urban. It’s fricken New York, its urban everywhere, except for white planes, buffalo and placed like that. So the reviewer obviously has never been to New York, and Tallahassee Fl, or some crap like that, doesn’t fit on the map for cities.
To me, her comments implied that she had a problem with the URBANESS of the book, because they weren’t all white characters!
This too is ram-pet on GR, if the main character isn’t white, then they use some cop out bs remark like, “I couldn’t identify with the character” when we as minorities “Identify” with them everyday, and we can’t help with books like Twilight, Harry Potter, or most of the series out there.
That to me, its talking trash, and I will always defend authors from Trolls.

I said Amber was a bit much.
My point in posting was to show that they don’t respect anyone else’s opinion.  Valid points were made about the review, however it was the fact that they were commenting on behalf of the book. Those people then assumed they were commenting on my behalf. Lel told my daughter that she went through the site ( because this was all for research for Leelia) and reads massive amounts of reviewer comments. She then decided to write the review of the reviewer in the manner in which they themselves write. 
Well, lookie what happened after that.

I guess as long as I don’t comment on my blog ( my own personal space) they’ll leave it alone. It’s also hilarious how I’m starting the mess, because I comment on my blog on what they’re saying. What I’m doing is bringing their behavior to light for other authors. 
Truly classic 🙂

P.s, guys the only person I am related to in the fiasco is Soleil Burgess, the person the girl Amber posted as. 

It wasn’t surprising to see all those who attacked me on the site, and the site even offered to post what happened to me for other authors. They also told me these people make a habit of attaching authors. My best friend said (GR) they even said I’m the one who continues to dredge it up, my story is the same old bull crap, and that I was the one who wronged someone else. They also called the owners of the site I went to idiots. I guess so, because the site highlights their behavior as reviewers.

That to me is the ironic part.

The crazy part is, I have received bad reviews before. This isn’t the first time, which makes this just crazy!!!!!

Reviews are something we authors have to grin and take with a smile.
However, its strange to me how they assume I would get children to talk trash to this woman for a 3 star review? 

Does that make any sense to anyone?

I have a couple of one star reviews, and a couple of two stars on the same sight. I have a one star on amazon as well, however I have never attacked any of these people. I also have a 2 cups review on another very major site, for when the book first came out; yet they weren’t attacked either. If I as the author was going to attack anyone, or trump up people to attack reviewers, then certainly it would be for the low reviews. 

But a three star? 
Seriously people?

Fashionista left a 2 star review for the same book! 
I actually messaged her and asked her what turned her off about the book so that I could fix it. Yet, my so called minions didn’t attack her, nor the woman named Tada, or the one named Robin. Who by the way gave the book a 1 star by accident she told me later. 

If I were the attacker, or the one who instigated it, surely I would have attacked the one and two stars first, seeing as how their review of the book was months ago. A reviewer named Tada gave my book  A Lad’s Trouser’s 1 star months ago as well. But I was just soooo mofo mad over a three star review guys, three stars mind you done by Heather of Fl, that I just blew my top, got the girls to do what they did; because a three star review was just terrible, the lowest a  reviewer could sink, and unthinkable. 

Sounds a bit asinine to me too guys.

But anyway, look for the blog on it later. The front page is done with it.
We are officially done with this shite!!!

Tomorrow, we are  doing reviews Mary lol.
Also I might even take up the thread that Lel girl wrote on manners. 
The three of them started out good, however it was just done in a manner that wasn’t appropriate. Even though they were labeled as trolls, and called all manner of names, I went back to the site before I discontinued the account.

Looking back at what the Lel and Leelia girls wrote; everything they said about them was true in its entirety. They got upset, because they were caught with their pants down. They showed their ass, as my abuelita would say, and were embarrassed about it after the fact that those girls told them it was an experiment.

We live and learn.
I have learned that on that site if you’re an author; you had better keep your mouth shut, or suffer their wrath, because they are the good reads GODS.

This is what someone named Christie posted:

by Christie (last edited 2 hours, 45 min ago) (new) – added it 2 hours, 47 min ago
Heather in FL wrote: “Amy or “Ames” wrote: “Alexandria is still going on about this in today’s blog post. Woman doesn’t learn from her mistakes or how to move on.”

Heather: Sigh. I had such high hopes when I saw the Happy Easte…”

Christie: This author is still very full of herself and playing the victim role to death. News flash Alexandria , we are the people who buy books, it is not in your best interest to piss us off. Those other authors she was talking to, probably are just like her….
Wow is all I can say to that. *sigh*
They pretty much prove my point…..

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