And It’s All Yours….Free

For the Month of April

Author Alexandria Infante.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Since things are going pretty well, despite the fiasco @ good reads… I’m offering free books this month.

If you have ever wanted to read any of my books, well now’s your chance. 1 free book per person, in any genre you like. Just send an email request for the book with a happy word for the day or night lol, and that’s it. I’ll publish your name and word for the day, and which book you chose. Happy Reading 🙂 To get info and chapter samples on the books to choose from; head on over to; any of the following (for paranormal romance) (Historical romance) (paranormal Fae romance) (contemporary romance)

choose, then  email me and it’s all yours 🙂



Paranormal Romance

Rating- Barometer heat scale 1- being very little intimacy

5- being off the chart

Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn Series

T.B.M.D; Arieanna’s Legend (3)

T.M.T.N; Kissing Cousins (3)

T.C.B.M; the Arvantes (3)

Dark Premonitions; the Seeker (4)

A Kiss Between Midnight & Dawn; Sephoroth’s Return (3 1/2)

The Gargoyle Keeper: Best Mates Forever (3)

Red Ryzin: Okuzo (3 1/2)

Blackwind’s Song; Love at First Sight (3)

Cycles of Change; Jade Council (4)

Loose Connections; Making Choices (3)

Carousel: Legacy (4 1/2)

A Lite Fae Series

Midna’s Farie Tale (3)

To Teach is Divine; Halleren’s Prophecy (3)

Precede with Caution; Bekan’s Quest (3)

Historical Romance

 A Lad’s Trousers (4)

A Slow Time to Love (3)

Fire and Ice (3)

Napoleon’s Gift (4 1/2)

It’s your Pick 🙂 Happy Reading…


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