Books…Books…and More Books :)

Author Alexandria Infante.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series


I started a new book, Then There Was None; lol just a working title right now guys.

Not really sure what I want it to be.

Anyway, the premise is an older woman falls for not one, but two younger men.

The differences in societal structure, labels, (ie. Cougar, old enough to be his mother, her own condemnations, ect) and such become an obstacle, and now she must choose between the two of them, find someone her own age, or just accept the single life.

I think I really want her to choose one of the men; however, they are like night and day personality wise; so she must make a choice between them.


Now here comes

the fun part…

What I want to do is write the book, but don’t finish the end.

I want to let you readers finish it for me!

After having read the story, you choose how you think it should end!

This sounds like loads of fun to me, and that way I can write two versions of it.

The best ending, will get credit in the book, on the site, and on the acknowledgement  in the book.

I’ll keep you guys posted, and let you know when I’m almost at the end of it.




In other news, the next installment to the grave reviews is almost upon us. I had sooo much fun writing it, and not just because I wrote it. I can’t say anythin about the fact that reviewers are getting picked off lol, or it may be taken out of context, but it was a blast to write.





I’m still offering free reads of the first books in the series Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn, Midna’s Farie Tale, A Slow Time to Love , Mendacity

If you would like a free PDF copy, all you have to do is head on over to either of the sites above and download it for free under  “Free Reads this Month,” and it’s completely yours free of charge. Just give a shout out on the message page.


Happy Reading…as Always

~ Alie 🙂


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