Soon to be Released…

Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited about the soon to be released A Queen Among Thieves…
This Book was awesome to write, and the fact that I got to write about Pirates was the icing on the Cake…

So, I thought I’d show you a lil Preview of the Cover & a Small Excerpt from the Book 🙂
This is what we’re going with for the cover, however this is not the finished product.

queen small

Hope You Enjoy 😉


Grey Dawg’s


Bànach stumbled away from the stand, then nearly staggered into the barmaid. She gave him a sultry smile; however his intellect was attuned to someone else.

“It is with great sorrow, thá alas Ah must bid ye dawgs adieu.” he said, grinned, then walked from the establishment ignoring their mockery.

Wud she ever have him?

She appeared to fancy him as much as he did her?

Bànach frowned; he would never in a million years discern the intelligence of women.

He stumbled up the walkway, yet was taken back as he distinguished her seated on the veranda. She smiled slightly, and his breath caught, because he had yet to recall an instance where he had ever seen her without the long plait down her back.

He swallowed hard.

It was as if just the very sight of her completely sobered him.

He could not ever remember coveting a woman so wickedly in his life.

She had donned the attire he had given Mileta, however as she rose to greet him Bànach felt like striking himself, because the visage of her standing would forever be imprinted on his psyche.

“My lady.” he called softly and she lowered her eyes, then smiled slightly.

“My lord. How was your night? I see you have indeed indulged?” I said with a slight giggle, because I could quite perceive that he was intoxicated.

“Had Ah know my lady wud be here, Ah might have nó sustained in my merriment.” he said softly, and I declare, my insides turned to pottage. The deep timbre of his voice seemed to caress every inch of my body. He looked down, and I seized that moment to close my eyes and saver the sentiment.

When I opened my eyes, he was gazing directly at me now, as a slight grin graced his handsome features.

“Is my lady troubled by this heat?” he asked, however even I could see the reflection in his eyes, and it was due to another kind of heat all together.

I felt my face turn crimson, as I nodded and moved toward the veranda swing. He followed suit; however he made no movement to sit.

“I would suppose that he…pardon…the heat has…just the close proximity of it, sends my body into a tailspin.” I uttered, gasped, then looked up quite shocked that my intelligence had actually spilled forth those thoughts.

“Humm, it has been known to do thá. Yet, Ah expect the proximity isna as close as some wud fancy it to be, given thá we have grown quite accustom to the cold in his majesty’s courts. Ah directly wud be akin to appraising the heat.” he returned, and my eyes flew to his face.

I observed that same rakish grin.

I immediately rose, and tarried near the edge of the veranda, leaning against the banister.

He ventured nearer to me, and my heart felt as though it would bound from my chest.

“Yet, my lady finds everythin else to her likin?” he questioned, and I concentrated on my hands.

My world, he would have me swooning yet.

“Yes, and you are too benevolent in your munificence.” I stated, then glanced up, however before I could utter another word; his head dipped, and his lips took mine.

It was the most… astounding sensation; I had come to know in all of my 25 years!

His hand caressed the side of my face, cleaving my lips to his; and as he deepened the kiss, I felt it’s magnitude in places I had given in to once, yet it was nothing parallel to this.

He suddenly lifted me, and placed me on the plank of the veranda.

As his hand traveled up the length of my thigh, I give word; he may possibly have contracted me to pledge my life to him, and this very passion fittingly then and there.

“My lord…my lady?” Mileta called and I gasped.

He instantly placed me on my feet, turned away, ran his fingers through his hair, then commenced to allow his breathing to return to normal, with great effort.

“My lady’s bath is ready.” Mileta returned, and I noticed the frown on her face as she glared at Bànach.

“Thank you.” I returned bowing, then hurried into the dwelling, refusing to glimpse back.

Had I lost all wits and intellect about me?

I had nearly given myself to him, with no notions as to who he truly was!

I would indeed reframe from him for the duration of my sojourn here.


“Might I ask…what it is my lord perceives himself doin?” Mileta solicited, the frown on her face increasing.

“Ye can demand riposte, however the notion of a scheme flees me. Ah canna reflect directly when Ah am about her. The very fact thá Ah have been ensnared in a compartment with her for eight weeks now, has dulled my gentlemonly weys, and it is as though the very thought of her not being in close proximity, causes me to cease to breath.” Bànach wailed, and Mileta smiled slightly.

She certainly fancied the notion that he was finally over his dead wife.  Equally, if what she had just witnessed was true, then the young illegitimate queen felt the same.

“Might I put forward that in prospect ye take her hand, before ye introduce her to your manly parts.” Mileta mocked, he wrinkled his nose at it, then wasn’t able to contain his laughter.

“It is what Ah desire, however Ah needed to affirm thá she indeed had sentiment for me, ań not merely as her protector. Ah wud even suppose to go so far as to imply thá Ah am implicitly in love with her at present.” he laughed harshly, and Mileta placed her hand on his shoulder.

“And that is a fine notion, and a well liked sentiment; however, chastity pervades that you take her hand Bànach. You cannot allow the image of what I just witnessed to prevail any longer, least men on this island get notions that require a sword to defend.” Mileta declared, nodded, then left him to his devices.

Bànach gazed up to observe the deep red glow of a cigarillo, then walked to the edge of the veranda, however, by the time he reached it the glow had disappeared.

His frown deepened as he glimpsed her bedchamber window.

He wud have to find some wey to breach the subject with her.

Equally, the fact that someone was watching them meant either the Duke had gotten wind of their midnight departure and sent his guards, or someone on this island recognized him as the king’s guard, and not who he truly was.

Bànach sighed, removed his waistcoat, then opened the veranda door.

He would make sure to charge the servants to latch the doors and windows this night, as well as sleep with his blade.

He walked up the stairs, then rapped on her door.

She gasped as she opened it, then cast her eyes downward.

“Strange goins on here at present, so I shall tarry in my lady’s room this night.” He stated, she gasped, then frowned.


I looked up at him, and I was immediately drawn into the image of his kiss.

My breath caught, he gave me a lopsided grin, then titled his head to one side.

I moved away from the door, and he entered.

“I shall slumber as we have for the last eight weeks my lady, despite the kiss.” he grinned, and my eyes narrowed as I placed my hands on my hips.

“And has my lord lost his wits, to presume that I would allow such to occur again?” I stated, my chin raising a notch.

“Is it ma ledy’s purpose to condition thá she did nó desire, nor wull my kiss?” he countered, smiling, and I glared at him. I observed that when he derided me, the pronouncement of his speech was yet again. Just the softness sent quivers down my spine, and I indeed wished to throw myself into his arms.

Yet, these were notions that I would never declare to him!

“I did not.” I replied, and my chin rose a bit more.

“Hummm, yet, am Ah to imagine the kiss wus fictional? For it seemed true to me?” he stated wiggling his brow, and I had a supreme desire to strike the smirk from his face.

“It was a slip of composure. I am not now, nor have I ever been lured to my lord in that manner.” I stated, then turned towards the looking glass.

He snatched me around, lifted me, then sat me on the bureau, placing himself between my thighs. He ran his fingers through my hair drawing it to one side, traced the path of my neck slightly with the tips of his fingers; and the traitorous sigh escaped me before I could smother it.

“Ań wud it matter, if Ah were to declare thá Ah am quite drawn to ye?” he whispered, as he lifted my chin, then traced the path of my lips with his finger, and I noticed he drew his own tongue across his lips.

“Not in the least.” I vowed, a bit too breathless, and wished my faithless heart would cease to slam against my chest.

“Humm.” he murmured, as he caused the night dress to rise slightly, and as his hand touched my thigh, I would vow that it scorched the very skin that it came in contact with.

He drew my hair completely around me, causing it to shroud my view, then commenced to place his nose at the nape of my neck, deeply inhaled, and the sensations he sent through my body, plummeted to regions I was not accustom to.

“Ah think ma ledy doth protest too much.” he chuckled in my ear, then his lips sank to the curve of my neck, and the moan escaped me of its own accord.

“And my lord imagines too much of himself.” I stated, then jostled him from me as I leaped down from the bureau.

His face registered his shock, yet he chuckled and that grin graced his features once again.

He had taken my refusal as a challenge, and I could clearly distinguish that.

“It is well. Ah shall tarry here for the night, ań if my lady can muster the strength to maintain her hands from me, Ah shall stand watch.” he countered with a wink, grinned, then removed himself from the room.

I frowned at the door, then had the notion to latch it, barring his entrance. However I was well aware of his precautions from the previous months, therefore I knew if he was as such, it needed to be done.

However, I did recognize that it would be one hellicious slumber for me this night as he returned, void of shirt, hair untied, barefoot with a devilish smile.

My lady parts screamed to be taken by him, yet my intellect gave me fair warning, that he was a rake, and a devilish one at that.

“Ań whaur does my ledy require thá Ah slumber?” he mocked, and the look I dispatched his way caused him to throw his head back and laugh.

Hades was not to be an option, so I merely glared at him.

“I daresay thá I never discerned ye to be as such. Each time I observed ye in his majesty service. How truly amusing for me.” he stated, removed the coverlet from the divan, as well as several cushions, then commenced to make himself a divan on the floor. He prostrated himself grinning at me, and I sighed with annoyance.

This was an elevation of him that I had not imagined, and secretly, I was elated to witness it! He had yet to ever speak to me as such, so I had no notions that he was truly Scotts.

However did he come to be in the King’s services? I wondered.

Nevertheless, I would never affirm that for him.

I frowned, then turned for my divan tossing the remaining coverlets on top of his head.

“If ma ledy wishes to bed down with me, she merely has to ask, the removal of the extra coverlets is not required.” he said muffled through the coverlets, and I sighed, then threw myself onto the divan.

Slumber would not come easy this night!

I thought as I blew out the wick, then lay myself to slumber.

I caught sight of the rise and fall of his enthralling chest, the tight muscled arms, and my mine conjured up the most illicit of images.

I gasped without realizing, and his head lifted off the cushions to glance my way.

“Is my lady well?” he asked with concern, and I sighed.

“Yes, all is well, you may slumber.” I returned, heard him sigh as well, then lay down once again.



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