I’m an author for Eternal Press, a division of Damnation Books, LLC,

My Novels are;


Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn (first to be published), Teacher’s Pet, Teach me the Night,  To Teach is Divine, Teach with Caution, Teaching Can be Murder, Teach me to Run, Teach me to Love, Gargoyle Keeper, Blackwind’s Song, Cycles of Change, Loose Connections, Hidden Shadows, Renewal and Nuaduh’s Revenge;

are Paranormal Urban Fantasy thrillers, that deal with the Celtic and Finnish legends of long ago, Ast’s infamous Book of Magick, the Diary of Sir Wyatt, and lost images of both time and history. Although Laurel K. Hamilton holds the title Queen of Erotic Paranormal, I believe that my books are a fresh new take on this genre. Not only do they bring a feel for the urban, (and when I say urban, I mean true urban lol)but they incorporate the journey of the myths themselves, entertaining, and educating at the same time.

   The industry is chalk full, but the voice of the urban woman is still quietly vacant. However, the industry continues to grow each year. At the same time, the multicultural aspect is still very lacking.  Each of my Novels flow along the same lines, but have their own feel for the urban, and educated.

  This works together to help portray the Paranormal in a different perspective. I believe that by bringing the true urban into a genre that has been predominately Caucasian, it will draw a new type of reader all together, while staying true to the “faithful die-hard fan”.

I’ve been writing since the age of 16, and wrote many things from poetry, to prose, to a crappy 16yr old’s version of a Shakespearean play. I have always had the desire to write, but it wasn’t until I got older that I got involved with writing the paranormal. I’ve also written some normal everyday stuff too lol.

I am a Teacher of Literature/ Art History. I Tutor as well; English Literature/ English as a Second Lang/ and College Basic English classes. I have won awards for my college writer’s contest. Currently working on a Masters in English Literature and Art History.

   Teaching between Midnight and Dawn features Lycans,  the mythologies of the Goddess Sekhmet the original Vampire, Mulkie the first Lycan King, and Ast’ the Goddess of Life and Death; as well as the Underworld. Ast’ is known to us Westerners as Isis. Teach Me the Night is the second in the series about teachers;  this one featuring Vampires. Teach Me the Night is the sequel to Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn.



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