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Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series


Due to the fact that I write this blog, I am always solicited by Publishing companies looking to feature authors. I have posted some good ones, but every now and then you find that“Absolute Gem,” and just want to share it.

I found exactly that in Tessa Smith McGovern’s awesome little book ” Cocktails for Book Lovers.”

It is chalk full of these amazing drink recipes, but the awesome part about it is that these are actually featured drinks, that Many of the Greats partook in, while they sat down to pen some of the most prolific works in history.

Now, I am secretly a Jane Austen fan.

jane (2)

I’m okay with her regular works like Sense and Sensibility,


Pride & Prejudice, pride (2)

(especially since I’m still waiting for my Mr. Darcy…to softly utter in my ear as we make …well…you get it lol… “Ye have bewitched me body and soul,” lol) but I am more inclined to favor her less known works like,

” A Room of Our Own,” because domesticality was never my strong point.

However, anyone would love to sit down and pick her brain if they could, while sipping on “Miss Austen”s Delight made from:

1oz Gin
1oz Malmasey
2 Maraschino cherries

Equally, not only does Ms. McGovern give you these fabulous drinks, but she also depicts a brief bio capture, to give a little information about the author; encase you’re not like freaks like me who live, teach and breathe literature lol.

This book I highly recommend, because not only are the drinks Delicious, (believe me, I’ve tried a few already lol) but it gives you an insight into the author’s lives, that you might otherwise have never known.

Ms. McGovern features well known authors like;

Anne Bronte
Kate Chopin
Charles Dickens
William Faulkner

Yet, also gives you a taste, (yes pun intended), of some of the most delicious beverages I’ve seen in ages.

Just try Elizabeth Taylor’s, one of the Original Diva’sElizabeth (2)

Pear Smash…

Not only will you be giddy from the alcohol, but the fact that you are sipping nectar from the Book Goddesses & Gods lol.

Try I today, I promise you’ll just love it like I do 😉



Hey There Big Spender…

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn & A Lite Farie Tale Series…


It’s been a while since I posted, been really busy; sorry guys :(. 

Well I started working on the new books, and well it’s been crazy. I recently revamped A Lad’s Trouser’s, because I was getting feedback from some of the fans on how they liked the story, but wished it was in true form; so I took the weekend to revamp it, and it is now in 1800’s form. I must admit I had fun doing it as well. I got a sad review for A Slow Time to Love, but I’m getting used to it. I also realized yesterday that the pdf’s I offered for free on Bookie’s Christmas party may have been the old unedited pdfs, and this may be the reason for the review. I’m going over the book now, and if so, I’ll contact Bookie and offer the new true ones to the readers who got them as gifts.

Anyway… on to happier news.

I have six new books I’m working on, and thought you guys would like some tid bits;

Historical Romance Update…

My newest in the Historical genre will be A King among Thieves, set in 1600s Scotland. Symphony has been the hand servant to the king for many years, however he was a bit frisky; and now she is with child his newest surviving heir. It does not matter that she is mulatto, Symphony still carries an heir to the throne; and the Duke of Lochlier will stop at nothing to make sure Mary, King John’s legitimate child inherits the throne; even if it means getting rid of Symphony and her illegitimate heir. Before his death the king entrusted his knights-men Kendrew Bànach to protect his heir at all cost. And what better way to protect her than an introduction to Black Shamus and his crew. 

Kendrew has been in faithful service to the king for the last ten years, however with the threat of another war…he longed for the highlands. The king gave him charge of his hand servant, and as he gazed into her beautiful cinnamon eyes, he knew that only death could keep him from protecting her and her unborn child.

 Yea…I’ve got a mean thing for those Scotts. What I wouldn’t do for a hot Scotsman with an amazing body! Hahaha! The accent alone could make me…well never mind… I’m sure you get it lol.

 The next is Shards of Grey set in 18th century England, and because I’m using the tail end of the 1790s as well I was able to add a bit of piracy here too. Wooho just fun.

 It is Julia’s 18th birthday, and all she desires is a holiday in England. However, she must be chaperoned; and the very idea of Mrs. Tilling’s dreadful daughters Leuticia and Millicent chaperoning her is cause for the vapors. This leads Julia to entreating her father to allow her to take Absel, her childhood friend along. It didn’t matter that she is mulatto, she is Julia’s best friend!

William Aldridge knew after ten years in New Gate, his life needed a change. When he boarded the Marry Ellen  bound for America, he never imagined in a million years that it would be ravaged by pirates, nor that he would met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; and the fact that she was a slave…didn’t matter one bit to him.

 Paranormal Update…

 Next is book 12 Hidden Shadows of the T.B.M.D series. Finally Nia’s premonition comes true, and it’s anybody’s guess who survives it. It should have been out in the beginning of the summer, but you guys know how we writers are; we get sidetracked with other projects lol, and I put out Napoleon’s Gift instead lol.

 Gata; Daughters of Light  

the fourth installment of the A Lite Farie Tale series will be next.

 With the new births, and Dagdha venturing back and forth between the two world, an ancient prophecy even the king didn’t know about has begun. Will Bekan wake from his comma, and if he does is he the reincarnation of Lokie; or has Lyra’s love for him saved him.

 Contemporary Update…

Sands & Spirits.

All Sora wanted was a year of freedom from tenure, academic projects, and the snootiness of the department. When Mina surprises her with a trip to Egypt, not only is she surprised, but ecstatic as well. However the icing on the cake is British Anthropologist Forester Cummings; just those baby blues of his alone could have her digging up things she’d sworn off doing for a long while.

 The next installment  

Grave Reviews; Meghan.

Although Meghan knew Hannah from college and they had been best buds, she hadn’t heard from Hannah since she took the job with the New York Times; so why would the detective show her Hannah’s picture and ask her if she knew Hannah. Meghan had nothing to do with the review world, but the severed ear in the box; said she was in it now! And remember guys, you can find all of my books on from $2.99 and up 🙂

Have an awesome Sunday….

Free All Day Monday, January 27th on Amazon.Com

Everyone Likes Free stuff, and so in honor of “Free Stuff” lol.

I’m offering my book Midna’s Farie Tale; Kailen free!

midnas farie tale

A Lite Farie Tale Series

Interracial Paranormal Romance
Interracial Woman/White Male
Book 1


Midna knew there was something different about Det. O’Crinnilan from the moment he helped her up from the ground. 

From the way the accent seemed to come and go, to the way her senses seemed to be on overdrive every time he came anywhere near her. 

And Good lawd! 

Those amazing eyes of his. 

But she never would have guessed in a million years that he was a fricken fairy. 

Re: Is it safe to say, just like Bobby Bushay’s mama; Reviewers are of the Devil!!!

Omg! This is hysterically funny, but not. Okay, so I am assuming that the Review Cite Bitten By Paranormal Romance came to Facebook and Read my Note Entitled “Is it Safe To Say That, Just Like Bobby Bushay’s Mamma, “Reviewers Are of The devil?

This is what they Posted On their Blog!

As the owner of this blog most of you never hear from me about anything, but something has happened and well, I have to say it’s pissed me off to no end. So, here is my rant below.

I am here today to inform everyone that I took off a review of Between Midnight and Dawn because the author called my reviewer the devil. I AM HERE TO SAY THESE REVIEWS ARE OUR OPINIONS, IF YOU DON’T WANT OUR OPTIONS THEN DON’T SEND THE REQUEST. You have no clue the work we put into reading books and reviewing them for freaking free!
I’ll say this once if you don’t like my blog or my reviewers you don’t have to visit here and as the owner I can take off any post I want, so piss off.
To this author please don’t come back.
First off, I never said that any of their Reviewers were the Devil, especially not by their names. Second, if they would have actually read yesterday’s note in it’s entirety, not just the header; they would have seen that I asked if it was safe to say reviewers in general, and I did not name the Reviewer Artemis as the Devil! Wow this is funny, but not. This is what I said about the review;and just like what the Reviewer wrote, this is my opinion as well. I mean come on? Seriously?
This is what I wrote for those of you that haven’t read it yet;
So I’m quite sure that from this adage, you can obviously get it that I got a not so nice review for the book. I think I would have been okay with her just saying that she didn’t like it, and maybe one or two points why she didn’t; but I feel like it was not only an attack on the book itself, but me as a person as well. I’m mean yeah, as an author you can’t expect everyone to like what you do, write, sing, or act, because c’mon each of these are a form of Art, and Art is subjective; but I do think that there is a way to disagree with someone with out being spiteful, full of disdain, or just plain rude. But what hurts the most, is that just like their reviews, the books themselves are not only our life’s dream, but our bread and butter as well.
I don’t see anywhere here where I called the reviewer the Devil? It was a title catch phrase, to my friends and family, because we watch the Water Boy Religiously, and I knew that they would find it hysterical.
Think Its a guilty conscious because I also wrote this, which is what the owner of the site is referring to below;
Me: Wow, I went back to the cite later, and found that the one from the above woman, who worked at a publishing company was deleted!! Wow, okay so lucky for me I copied it lol.
I can’t find it anywhere!!! Omg, they erased what she said on Good reads as well. Think its a conspiracy hahah? It was really good too. She called the reviewer childish and spiteful. Think that’s why it got erased? And they took off the button where the readers can comment on her review. (And this was true, because like 5 or 6 ppl tried it and sent me back responses.)
This is what the owner of the Cite Published on her Blog in response to what i wrote.
Here’s the comment I wouldn’t publish and no I didn’t make the post where you couldn’t comment again that’s a flat out lie, but I did take off the post after I seen the author called reviewers of the devil. If anyone notices this person has never read the book and she is from the publishing company.
By; Nina Simone
(no relation to the amazing singer lol)
Wow, is all that I can say. I happen to be on facebook, and saw that the author of the book actually put this on her page, and I was shocked that she would put this out there for people to see.
That being said, I wasn’t sure what was going on here. I read the excerpt from her book, and myself found it kinda interesting. However, the reason that I’m posting, is for an entirely different matter.
I myself work in the publishing business, so I won’t say that I am a expert ( well yeah I am lol) but I was quite astounded at the Artemis’ review.
I wasn’t sure what rubbed her the wrong way; whether it was the concept of history and mythology, or the fact that the author used ethnic slangs, British slangs,( because that’s what they were, at least the parts that I read, Scottish is a completely other world language hahah), the fact that the author chose to spell certain words so that, I am assuming that the reader would keep in mind that the wolves were Scottish; or the curse words? (I mean c’mon, what paranormal doesn’t have an overly extended use of the F’ bomb?)
As well, was it because the author appears to be of Latin decent, I am presuming because of the last name. Now, I can completely understand the reviewer not liking the work, because in this business we get all kinds lol, but I was kinda turned off by what she wrote;
“The second of these reasons was the flow and ebb of the story. During the first half of it, I felt like I was sitting in a Lycan History 101 class which was being served up with a side of Egyptian Myth Intro….snore…zzzzz.”
This actually makes me want to read the book lol, to see if her review has any validity to it.
My point is this; we in this business tend to often times set ourselves up as sitting demi-gods, who have the power to say yea or nae (myself included), and we sometimes miss the concept that this is someone’s life’s dream, whether well written or not.
I fell like a simple “I didn’t get this book”, “The story moved too slow for me”, or “I JUST DIDN’T LIKE”, would have worked just as well. To me, the reviewer Artemis sounded a bit Spiteful and Childish.
Inasmuch as the review meant, I assume to discourage people from reading this book, I believe Artemis did the exact opposite, and for that I’m glad for the author. I plan on contacting her and asking for a copy myself.
But then, that’s JMO, and you know what they say about those…:)
My response to this is; I have no clue who this woman is, because she surly doesn’t work at my publishing company; just ask Kim Richards CEO and Editor and Chief and she’ll tell you that she doesn’t; so I’m not sure what she meant by she was my publisher. As well, the chapters that the Reviewer ripped are on my website, so I am assuming she read them from there. I haven’t heard from her yet, Nina Simone lol,) but I won’t lie that her comment made me feel a hellava lot better after I was ripped to shreds by the reviewer.
To end this all, because is this really even happening? I’m kinda still in shock, but this is what the Owner of the Cite wrote last.
I will never tolerate anyone trashing any of my reviewers because no one knows the time that we put into a reviews. I will say its time that is taken from out lives just to try something you may not like or like. Then to receive stuff like this, I think not. Lord only knows why I keep this blog going…..

And to this, I Alexandria Infante says; maybe now they see how much reviews like what was written actually causes pain. Because It was never my, intention to start any kind of controversy, imply that they were the devil ( because it was an fricken inside joke, my kids will testify to that), or be black listed on their Cite.