It’s been awhile…


I’m back after a few months. I’ve had a bit of drama in my life ( I.e. cheating, lying, untrustworthy incredible hot ex boyfriend) so I’ve been away. I swear the greatest gifts you can ever give your significant other is loyalty, trust and faithfulness; these are like the finest, rarest spun silks. I’m a bit melancholy because of that dirty &^%$#$%*&^$#, haha, so if I digress; someone just point it out to me. I seriously need to get rid of my passion for half white/ half Hawaiian men! Lol. If anything, I can say it fueled my interest in a new Contemporary book hahaha!

Thus is the life of a writer. 

Besides my life’s drama, I also just found it hard to write of late. My teaching job has been so hectic lately with that gov shut down, new rules and regulations, and massive amounts of fed funding being cut; I haven’t known if I was coming or going lol. But I’m back to writing.

Historical Romance News…

My newest in the Historical genre will be A King among Thieves, set in 1600’s Scotland. Symphony has been the hand servant to the king, however he was a bit frisky; and now she is pregnant with his newest surviving heir. It doesn’t matter that she is mulatto, Symphony still carries an heir to the throne; and the Duke of Lochlier will stop at nothing to make sure Mary, King John’s legitimate child inherits the throne; even if it means getting rid of Symphony and her illegitimate heir. Before his death the king entrusted his knights-men Kendrew Bànach to protect his heir at all cost. And what better way to protect her than an introduction to Black Shamus and his crew.  Kendrew has been in faithful service to the king for the last ten years, however with the threat of another war, he longed for the highlands. The king gave him charge of his hand servant, and as he looked into her beautiful cinnamon eyes, he knew that only death could keep him from protecting her and her unborn child.

 Yea, I’ve got a mean thing for those Scotts. What I wouldn’t do for a hot Scotsman with an amazing body! Hahaha! The accent alone could make me…well never mind, I’m sure you get it lol.

The next is Shards of Grey set in 18th century England, and because I’m using the tale end of the 1790s as well I was able to add a bit of piracy here too. Wooho just fun.

It’s Julia’s 18th birthday, and all she wants is a holiday in England. However, she must be chaperoned, and the very idea of Mrs. Tilling’s dreadful daughters Leuticia and Millicent chaperoning her is cause for the vapors. This leads Julia to entreating her father to allow her to take Absel, her childhood friend along. It didn’t matter if she was mulatto, she was Julia’s best friend!

William Aldridge knew after ten years in New Gate, his life needed a change. When he boarded the Marry Ellen he had no idea that it would be ravaged by pirates, nor that he would met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; and the fact that she was a slave, didn’t matter one bit to him.

These are expected to be due out in the middle of January 2014.



Next is book 12 Hidden Shadows of the T.B.M.D series. Finally Nia’s premonition comes true, and its anybody’s guess who survives it. It should have been out in the beginning of the summer, but you guys know how we writers are; we get sidetracked with other projects lol, and I put out Napoleon’s Gift instead lol. HS is expected to be released next month.

As well, Gata; Daughters of Light from the A Lite Farie Tale series should be rearing it’s head in Jan as well. With the new births, and Dagdha venturing back and forth between the two world, an ancient prophecy even the king didn’t know about has begun. Will Bekan wake from his comma, and if he does is he the reincarnation of Lokie; or has Lyra’s love for him saved him.


On the Contemporary note Sands & Spirits.

All  Sora wanted was a year of freedom from tenur, academic projects, and the snootiness of the department. When Mina surprises her with a trip to Egypt, not only is she surprised, but ecstatic as well. But the icing on the cake is British Anthropologist Forester Cummings; just those baby blues of his alone, could have her doing things she’d sworn off from doing for a long while.

The next installment of Grave reviews; Meghan.

Although Meghan knew Hannah from college, and they had been best buds, she hadn’t heard from Hannah since she took the job with the New York Times; so why would the detective show her Hannah’s picture and ask her if she knew Hannah. Meghan had nothing to do with the review world, but the severed ear in the box; said she was in it now!

Both will arrive at the end of Jan 14, so stay tuned for the news on them.

On Sale…

Also, this month Fire & Ice, Mendacity are on sale for $1.99 @ amazon, so check them out. Grave Reviews; Hannah is on sale for $2.99.

Review Friday…

Stay for my newest reviews on some awesome new authors….

Midnight Fire by Melody Anne

Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd

Dark Season: The Last Vampire by Amy Cross

Just One Taste by C.j Ellisson

Conquest: My Vampire Lover by Riley J. Ford

The Wolf Ring by Meg Harris

If you would like me to review your book, then post it; just send me a shout out to let me know. You can send ebooks, copies, pdfs; to just put book review in the subject box

Stay Tuned peeps, for the great authors 🙂



Them VMA’S…We Can’t Stop…Laughing

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series…

So, I’m sure by now, er’body and they mamma has seen the VMA’S, or at least clips of what actually went on. Gaga was her normal self they say, but the actual show kicker, and the winner in “Ratchetness of the Century,” Award goes to Miley Cirus.

I could not stop laughing!!!

I swear!

The first thing I thought was, “OOH Gurl…No,”

I understand that er’body needs a lil Twerking now and then, but come on gurl, what is wrong with you?

I didn’t actually watch the show, but since I subscribe to most of the popular social sites, I have been bombarded by images of it. The audiences’ reactions are classic, and I just had to put some of them up, encase you guys haven’t seen them.

I could not stop laughing at the Smith family faces. They went from wtf…to disbelief…to Ewww…and finally OMG!

I would sure like to see what Paula Patton thought of Robin and Miley’s performance…

Someone Twitted…

” Alan & Billy…come get yo kids!” 


 I mean, c’mon she had to know it was just “Nasty,” lol. I’m all for white girls getting they twerk on, and any other nationally for that matter, but if people are looking at you…like you are living outside yo mind…then there’s a problem, and she should have called it quits after that…

I hate Taylor’s Smith’s music… but I have to agree with her and Selena, this is just ratchet…

   And this was classically funny! If Drake can’t believe it! Then it must be bad when even rappers shake their heads in disbelief…

    To me, “Twerking,” itself is just nasty….I see no dance value in it, but hey…that’s just me.

At least with normal people, there are some consequences fo gettin yo twerk on…hahahaha!

   The whole idea of the dance is…

I may write Paranormal, Contemporary and Historical with a slightly erotic element, but it is done tastefully. There is nothing tasteful about Twerking… and its sad that our young women of today have less and less respect for themselves…

How can you expect men to respect you…when you don’t Respect Yourself…


On to Happier and less ridiculous things…

Next week Interview with Contemporary Romance author Carol Bennet…

New Book Reviews…so stay tuned…

🙂 Have an Awesome Day!!

Interview with Marianne Petit…

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series…

Well hay guys!

Since the interviews are going so well on the websites… I’ve decided to feature a new author every week on my blog as well. We caught up with Marianne Petit, and she took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to stop by and chat with us for a bit.

Awesome, we’re totally excited to have her…


     Marianne Petit is a former President of the Long Island Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Her love for writing stems back to high school. She spent hours reading Nancy Drew, Alfred Hitchcock and historical romances, and at the age of fifteen, she wrote a short story for children, as well as numerous works of poetry. Marianne’s love of history stems from her father, Roger, a Frenchman, whose love of American history greatly influenced her writing interests.   As well, she is the former President of the Melville Lions club, a service organization, which raises money for the less fortunate – especially the sight and hearing impaired.  To Marianne’s credit, Newsday as well as several local newspapers have written articles on Ms. Petit . She was also featured in a TV interview for her time travel novel, A Find Through Time. 

Marianne loves to ski, raft, horseback ride, and enjoys the theater. She lives on Long Island and has been happily married for 34 years. She has two sons, a daughter-in-law and a new grandson. 


Alexandria: So, Marianne, tell us what inspires you to write paranormal stories?

Marianne: What inspires you to write paranormal stories? 

Alexandria: Has anything paranormal ever happened to you? 

Marianne: I wish I could say yes, but sadly no. My sister, on the other hand, has had many experiences. 

Alexandria: If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be? 

Marianne: Hmm…well, since my fantasy, Amulet Of Darkness just came out and is still on my mind, I’d say a deity with powers. 

 Alexandria: How was your publication experience? 

Marianne: Getting published took tooooo long, with way too many rejections, but when you hold your book and see your cover and name it’s worth all the heartache. 

Alexandria: Can you give me one of your ‘aha moments’? 

 Marianne: When I realized what was missing from my life….writing and telling stories. 

Alexandria: When did you first decide to write your first book? What was it like? 

 Marianne: When my father died suddenly I decided life was too short not to fulfill your dreams, so instead of just saying” one day I am gonna write that book,”  I went and found a writers convention and dove right in. Best thing I ever did! 

Alexandria: Did you have support from your friends and family? 

Marianne: My husband supported me from the beginning and is my biggest fan.  The women in my critique group, who are my dear friends, keep me going. 

Alexandria: What is the biggest influence on your writing? 

Marianne: When I was young, I read historical romances and I decided I wanted to write with that genre in mind. I love researching American history so my first book, A Find Through Time, stemmed from those historical books. 

Alexandria: What obstacles do feel new authors have yet to overcome? 

Marianne: Getting over rejections and pushing forward no matter what others say about your work. 

Alexandria: How do you connect with your African American, Native American, Latina and other ethnic readers? 

Marianne:  Well, when I wrote my time travel a Native American woman critiqued the story and thought I was also Native American, so I guess I did ok. 

Alexandria: How do you find the time to write?

 Marianne: I am lucky; writing is my job and my passion so it’s not difficult for me.

 Alexandria: What advice do you have for other authors who want to begin writing in your genre? 

Marianne: You have to love your plot and characters no matter what genre you’re writing, and read the kind of stories you want to write so you have a feel for how that genre plays out. Also, join a critique group and be willing to take advice and make changes when more than one person makes a suggestion.

Alexandria: And Lastly Marianne, what is your favorite book and why? 

Marianne: I have to be honest, I don’t have a favorite. I have read so many good books by wonderful authors. But, my favorite genre is historical westerns especially Native America love stories with a dreamy hero! 

Alexandria: Now, to the New book, tell us about it.



Amulet of Darkness

In a land where creatures shape-shift, a blind man sees, and where believing in your gut instinct can save a life, a Herculean hero matches wits with a beautiful huntress.
Cyrenne’s life is pledged in servitude to the deity of the forest. She believes in obeying the deities, remaining chaste and that her abilities, as a warrior, are better than any man. When she catches the attention of the Storm Deity, and refuses his offer of immortality, he punishes her by besetting fear upon her. Her comrades die when she is unable to fight. She swears she shall not return home until she proves herself worthy and she sets out on a journey of redemption.
Gareth has always hated the Upland deities. He has no use for a woman dedicated to them, and who looks better in armor than most men do. He believes his gut instinct is always right, the deities are always wrong and a woman’s place is in the home, any home but his. When the spirited woman with the iron resolve saves his life, they set out on a journey that takes them through uncharted territories where love teeters on the edge of danger. 

Sounds just awesome Marianne, we had a blast chatting with you, and feel free to stop by any time!!

Thanks a Bunch 🙂 

Also by Marianne Petit: 

 rebecca ghost and…a find thru time

 You can Find Marianne Petit @, so check out these cool reads.


Next Week…

Interview with Richard Stephens & Salty Tails…

On Contemporary Romance w/Flava

Interview with Contemporary Romance author Carol Barrett.

Well Hay!!!

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series…



 I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, and for all my faithful subscribers I am soo sorry.

I’ve been having some family issues with my 70 year old mother, it’s time to look for assistant living, and it’s been utterly trying. But on to happier things. This week’s Reviews!!! Yeah!

Side note: I will never trash an author, even if I didn’t mesh with their work. I have love for my fellow authors, and people just do not understand how hard it is to write, and envelope your audience into your world. If I didn’t mesh with a book, I will tell you, but please check it out for yourself, because as my father used to say, “Las opiniones son como los culos, todo el mundo tiene uno,” translations, lol, opinions are like assholes, er’ body got one 😉

 I have some juicy tidbits for you guys, and I am quite sure you’ll love them.

The first in our line up today follows: I was extremely surprised Lol.


Paranormal Fantasies: A Promotional Collection of 14 Erotic Supernatural Stories

Annabel Bastione, Brandy Corvin , Adriana Rossi, Cassandra Court, Jessi Bond, JJ Collins, Layla Cole, Lorelai Phoenix, N.S. Charles, Polly J. Adams.

  Paranormal Fantasies This is a collection of 14 juicy little short stories, which will delight, surprise and amaze you. Now, being a novice in the Erotica world, I must say, I couldn’t help the blushes. I sat reading this while I was waiting for a doctor’s appointment, and the guy across from me kept staring at me. It was hysterically funny, because I could tell that he certainly had a clue as to what I was reading, and when he got up to go in to see the doctor, he gave me a little smile.

Anyway, the collection has some very well written shorts, and if I had to say what my favorite was, it would be Blood and Black Leather, by Cassandra Court. I’m not well versed in the BSDM genre, my only other reads being Eden Conner’s Wildly Inappropriate, and V.L. Lewis’ Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever, but I will definitely keep an eye out for more in this genre. I loved it. This collection is full of erotic fun, from BSDM, to M/MMFMM/M/M/M/M and then some. If you want a tawdry little read before bed time, this is where it’s at; and I say tawdry in a hella good way. You can best believe my 6’4 Hawaiian & White Hunk of a man was pleasantly happy that night! 

Lol.Check it out guysJ


Summons: A Goblin King Prequel: Novella (Shadowlands) [Kindle Edition]

Shona Husk

 goblin king I tried this one, because it was free on Amazon, which I am just loving the free-ness lol. However, I had a hard time with it. I actually didn’t finish it. I won’t actually review it, because my opinion shouldn’t sway anyone from what they think might be one of the best reads they’ve had in a long time. Unfortunately, we just didn’t mesh. But I do invite you guys to read it for yourself, you might actually love it, then we can chat about it, and you can tell me what you liked about the book, so I can give it another chance. 

Fatal Deception [Kindle Edition]

By S.R. Burks

fatal deception I liked it, however I was a bit stuck on this one as well. It started out with a bang, but I sorta got stuck like I said. I won’t review it, because it could just be me, but like I said above, please read it guys, because it might truly be an awesome read just out there waiting; and then we can talk about it.


 Dark Wolf Rising (Harlequin Nocturne) [Kindle Edition]

Rhyannon Byrd

 dark wolf rising  I really liked this one, it had action, a great love interest in the two main characters, even if Chelsea could be stubborn as hell, and a bit annoying at times. I loved Eric. He was a wolf, a girl could sink her teeth into. I also liked the fact that this is a series, and we get to see the entire Blood Runners’ stories, and how they came to be in the next installments of the books. The story was very interesting, compelling, even if Chelsea Smart made me want to pull my hair out, I still couldn’t put the book down! 

Bravo Ms. Byrd, and I can’t wait for Mason’s installment. The classic thing here, is I never read Harlequin, and actually make fun of it in my book, Midna’s Farie Tale lol, but I won’t be doing that any more, and it is totally because of Ms. Byrd’s awesome book.

 Her Dark Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 1)

by Felicity Heaton

 her dark angel  Okay, so I had heard so many good things about this book, and really wanted to read it. It started with some interest, however, fell short of what the author was aiming for. That is totally my fault that I didn’t get her concept. I won’t review it, because maybe it’s me, and not actually the book. You guys check it out, and let me know as well.


 Next week…

Next on my list of Reviews…

Coming soon…


The Wolf Ring by Meg Harris

the wolf ring 

My Vampire Lover by Victoria Embers

 My vamp lover 

Dark Season by Amy Cross

 dark seasons 


Billionaire Boy’s Club by Simone Holloway

 billionairs boys clun 

Blue Collar Boys: Service Calls by Aria Hawthorne

 blue collar boys 

Dapper Carter’s Eight Rules of Dating by Alan Mitchell

book cover daper 

Paranormal Faè:


The Glass Wall – ( The Glass Wall Series – Book 1) by Madison Adler and Carmen Caine

 the glass wall 

Sneaker, Sandals, & Stilettos: Fairy Tales for the Well-Heeled Princess by Natasha Deen


Also, author interviews still going on at the websites, so check out some awesome authors there as well. Working on Hidden Shadows as we speak guys, and it should be out before Christmas, as well as two new historicals, and one new contemporary.


Happy Reading…

Until Next Week….:) 

And We Have Lift Off!!!

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series



So, the Interviews are still going strong, and I am excited to say that I have met some fantastic people.


Paranormal Author Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

Paranormal Author Brian Woods

Paranormal Author Karen Vorbech Williams

Historical Romance Author Maxine Flam

Contemporary Romance Author McCollonough Ceili

Contemporary Romance Author Vallory Vance

Young Adult Author Bryan W. Alaspa

Dark fantasy, Sci-Fy-thriller Author Gregory Frost


So stop on by and check out this amazing talent.




Paranormal Fae:


This weeks reviews will be up on Friday, so stop by and see what we think is hot…hot…hot this month.

We will also continue to hold author blog guest spots and interviews, because they’re so fun.


Coming soon for Alexandria Infante…


Hidden Shadows

Shards of Grey

Daughters of Light; Gata


Check out my new interviews for the Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn Series…

They were totally awesome. Thanks so Much Teichia, Jamallah, Shonda, & Sabina! You guys were great, and I loved every moment of it! 🙂




Interviews…Guest Spot Light…Guest Blogs…

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series…

For the Month of July…

Interviews, Spotlight, Guest Blogs…



I love to see new authors. Sometimes you find the most amazing

authors for free, or they’re just unknown. So in the spirit of the up

and coming author, I’m featuring guest spots, author interviews, and

guest author blogs for the next two months. If you’re totally

interested, check out the sites, pick your genre, or as close to it you

can find on my four sites;,,, then send me an email and I’ll send

off the interview packet!


Hope to hear from you fellow authors, published or Unpublished 🙂


Erotic & near Erotic Authors…

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series




Today, I postulated the question; why are near Erotic and Erotic Romance Writers treated differently. Almost as if, we were branded with a scarlet A among the writing community, because they never take us seriously.

Perfect example; I liked over 100 author pages on Amazon as a favor to some fellow authors. Ya know how many people liked my page, and kept shouting for me to add tags.  16 flippin people. Is that some janky arse shite or what lol? J/K J

Well anyway, you would not believe some of the comments I received when I posted this same question. I have changed the names of the kind folks that posted, because I’m not trying to hurt people’s feelings, (well except for one tool who just wouldn’t stop ranting!) 🙂

It’s their opinions, and the great thing about America is that we are entitled to them.

However, I do feel that some of the things they said were a bit harsh. yet, at the same time its good to get feedback from the public. Most of them have the misconception that all we erotic Romance novelist do is ply them with gratuitous sex, have no form, skills, hope of any kind of plot, goal for the writing, and our characters just aimlessly screw each other; and to this I do take OFFENSE.

We as Romance, near Erotic and Erotic alike need to skool them lol, because we have substance, heart, talent, and everything else that a “Normal” fiction writer does.

C’mon fellow Erotic writers, let’s storm the “Normal” fiction masses and show them what we can do!!! 😉

Some of the comments that were posted on the site…

M&A: wrote:

Interesting dilemma, Alexandria I haven’t read your books, but clearly you have put your heart and soul into them. I think there probably is a segment of the reading public that arbitrarily rejects the “erotic” label. Probably because of a perception that “erotic” is synonymous with gratuitous sex rather than what Faulkner referred to as the “heart” vs. “glands” in his Nobel Prize address. Can an erotic novel have pretensions to art? Of course it can in the hands of a serious novelist. Think Lady Chatterley’s Lover. A marvelous novel, ahead of its time, though it would likely have been categorized “erotic” had it been written today. Now here’s a bit of irony for you to ponder. I first read this as a young teenager in the “expurgated” version. Ran into a lot of asterisks. But it had great power as a love story. Some years later, when the ban was lifted, I read the “unexpurgated” version. Maybe it was dated by then, but I found some of the dialogue (passages like “F___k a flame”) a little ridiculous. In the end, I thought the expurgated version was a better novel. What was left to the imagination was more powerful than some of the explicit passages. I think that is something for every serious novelist (such as yourself), writing in the erotic genre, to weigh carefully.


Dickweed wrote:

I find it difficult to take, any writer that uses ‘kinda’, ‘lil’, ‘cuz’, ‘shud’ (etc) too seriously – but, maybe, I am just an old British dinosaur ! (No offence meant) !( yea he is, but he should have tried punctuation first tee-hee.)


K&C wrote:

I think it depends. I imagine fans of the genre will take the writers seriously but there does seem to be a bit of a stigma on it. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of it. I don’t mind if there are erotic scenes in books, but in erotic novels that I’ve read, it seems that the big goal is to get two people into bed. In addition, that’s what the genre is about I know. But that’s not what I read a book for. I also think that the genre has been hampered in the past a bit by some poor writing and hackneyed or cookie cutter plots. That could be changing, things becoming more sophisticated in the genre. So I do think in the writing world in general, the genre might still be looked down a bit, but I don’t think that’s necessarily fair. It has an audience and if the writing is good, it should be as respected for what it’s supposed to be.


L&M wrote:

Yeah, I gotta say Alan (yeah, that’s right, I typed “gotta”…hell not to mention “Yeah”), if offence (in America we spell it offense so you’re spelling is really upsetting my spell check) was not meant, why say it? Obviously these are informal discussions in an online chat format, not book proposals or resumes. And please, don’t get me started on British English. Much as I love things British, when I was there in the 80s, there were times I needed the Universal Translator just to understand people. After all, it wasn’t Americans who created rhyming slang. I know the British think they invented English, but they didn’t. They appropriated it from about 80 different other cultures thousands of years ago and slapped their own brand name on it when it started coming together in the form of a language. American English is just another branch of the tree.

Having said that, Alexandria, your stuff (yeah Alan, I typed “stuff”) sounds interesting. If I have a complaint with the erotic genre it’s with those books that put aside plot and character development for sex scenes. But you seem to have a pretty good balance. It’s nice to have a strong female character too. I think one of the things affecting the respectability of the genre is the Harlequin Romance sort of work which I think a lot of people think of when they think romance or erotic fiction. They do seem a bit “assembly line.” Maybe writers like you can bring some legitimacy to the genre. 🙂

A&P wrote:

As a writer of erotic stories, I can tell you from the feedback I get on, people do take you seriously.


Loved this discussion, it was great and full of feedback.

So guys, just thought I’d share a few with you out there. I’ll keep you posted with updates 😉